luni, 17 septembrie 2007

Coronini and Danube - the river that unites Europe

Coronini its a village situated on the Danube banks, lying approximately 150 km South-East from Timişoara, 120 km South from Reşiţa and 120 km West from Orşova.

Here you can admire a magnificent view to the Danube River, and you will certainly be impressed by the grandeur of the landscape. The view is impressive, as you may observe the whole Danube Valley stretching out below.

At Baba Caia, the legendary rock, the Danube Canyon begins. A few miles downstream there is the most impressive sector of the Danube Canyon – the Iron Gates.

Points of interest:
The „Gaura cu Musca” Cave, and the „Gaura Chindia” Cave – Coronini
Detour to Sfanta Elena Village.

The Caras–Severin County is situated at the south - west part of Romania, at the entrance of Danube in Romania and has the Serbian Republic at south - west, Mehedinti County at south-east, Gorj County at east, Hunedoara County at north-east and Timis County at north-west. The county belongs to the Western Region together with Timis, Arad and Hunedoara counties. The southern part of the county is crossed over by the Danube and has a port in Moldova Veche town and a border at Naidas with the Serbia&Muntenegru Republic.

There are many things to say about this beautiful part of Romania, but when you actually get here, you will see how blessed are the people from here.

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