luni, 17 septembrie 2007

Cheile Nerei

The youth of our church were in Sasca Montana for one week. They enjoyed a lot there. Here are few of the photos they made.

The Commune Sasca Montana, together with its villages (Sasca Romana, Bogodinti, Slatina Nera and Potoc) is situated on the shore of the River Nera, in a blessed area, where time seems to have stopped.

The place is lying on the mountain area of South Banat, at the meeting point of Locvei Mountains on West, Almajului on East, and Aninei on North.
The landscape is in general a mountain one – carstic type with deep valley, steep walls, gorges , screes, caves, dolines.

The village is lying on the Susara’s spring valley, Nera’s affluent ,on a narrow valley, approximately fronts N-S and it has approximately 3km in length, between the Gheorghe Hill ,which seals the valley on South and Nera’s Valley on North.

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