sâmbătă, 4 iulie 2009

10 years....

The day of 4 july means for me much more then the Independence day of America (Happy Birthday, America by the way :D ).
So, as I was saying, 4 july 1999 - was the day I got baptised :D so..I have 10 years since I am a member of God's family and the church's family from here.
Few more things I wana share. Why I got baptised? Because I know and I believe God exists! At University were I was able to study, I learnt about many things (I studied physic) but one of the most interesting and amazing things for me its the Universe. The Planets and all the Stars, the way the are all aranged in the Universe, every planet sized perfectly, not too close, not too far one of the others.
From all this planets, just one - our Earth - has life in it.
Then its the Sun - the closest star to Earth and is the center of our solar system. A giant, spinning ball of very hot gas, the Sun is fueled by nuclear fusion reactions. The light from the Sun heats our world and makes life possible. Our Planet - Earth is the only place in the Universe where life is known to exist.
Then its the gravitation force - a natural phenomenon by which objects with mass attract one another. Its amazing!
Just look of this picture I got in my mail this days, from some fellow students, friends of mine (I say hi to them :D  - great and intelligent university colleaguesI had, btw )  

Finaly, there are many amazing things about our life, the way human body works and all that I dont know to explain right now, but I see and understand this come from creation and not evolution. When I look of all this, I just CAN'T believe all this appeared just like that and no one controles this. I dont know how, but I believe God created all this.
If He wanted to create all this with an explosion ( Big Bang) or in other ways, I dont know, but I believe there is a High Force that watches over us and over all Universe and this Force is God - My Father! :)
So all this and many other things leads me to this conclusion -  God its not a story but a reality!
Now, I'll be happpy :D if I may be excused by my friends and all who know english and see here lots of mistakes... especialy my cousin, Maria :D she sees a lot ;))
Im sure u'll all get my point!
Wish u all a great, wonderful, blessed day!
I. B.