sâmbătă, 4 august 2007

God Is Where You Are!

Today I am very happy… I can’t tell you how much! I can't tell you how I feel!
I just wanted to share my happiness with my friends and wanted to say that God is always with you, me, all of us…Always be hopeful, because there is a light of hope even in the darkest night when you think every thing is going wrong…
Always know that God is thinking of you when you think He has forgotten you…Always know that you are not alone…He is always with you, me, all of us!Be strong, act for the best, and hope for the best…

Taken from http://www.thestoryofacomet.blogspot.com/ pls visit it ;) its great! :)

Being a Vegetarian: cons and pros

In today’s world a third of man kind has plenty of food. In the nineteenth century man still had to devote 70 percent of his energy to getting food. Eating can define us as human beings, belonging to a certain era and a certain social culture and region. There are different types of food and there are different types of human beings who eat those foods. One type of human beings who eat special food is vegetarians. There are a lot of vegetarians in the world today. Studies show that 12.4 million Americans consider themselves to be vegetarian and up to 15 percent of college students request vegetarian food. Generally, vegetarians are those people who don’t eat or use meat or some other animal products. This is usually because of religion or human beliefs. There are 4 types of vegetarians.The first type of vegetarians is Semi-Vegetarian who eat every thing except red meat. The second type is called Vegan. This group is the strictest group; they don’t eat any kind of meat of animals. They don’t eat and use anything that is related to animals. The third group is Lacto-vegetarian. This group doesn’t eat animal flesh but they eat dairy products. Lacto-Ovo-vegetarian is the last group that like the two previous ones doesn’t eat any kind of animal flesh but their difference is that they don’t eat dairy products but they eat egg.Being a vegetarian has some advantages and some disadvantages which I think the disadvantages are more.
Eating more fresh fruit and vegetables, having low level of bad cholesterol, consuming more nuts, increasing skin health (because of consuming more fruit), and having low blood pressure are some benefits of being a vegetarian. But the weak points are lack of iron, calcium, and vitamin B. They can't eat some alcoholic beverages as some of them are produced by using animal ingredients. They should avoid using biscuits that use animal fat, capsules which are made by gelatin (which is from animals). They couldn’t use woolen cloths and any type of leather. They couldn’t eat out easily and many other downsides.
Some vegetarians become a vegetarian because of their health and some other because of their religion and some because of animals’ right. The last group believes that humans are cruel because they kill animals for their good and do not pay attention to animals’ right. But I think a person can gain health and meanwhile respect the religion and animals’ right by eating both meat and vegetable. And we must not limit ourselves.Vegetarians have different types that some of them are better than the others. There are good points and bad points about being a vegetarian, that the number of second one is more than the first one. And in general, I think by being a vegetarian you can not experience the joy of eating, which is one of the best joys of the world.
Taken from http://leili-gh.blogspot.com/