miercuri, 19 decembrie 2007

Nasterea Domnului Isus

Naşterea DOMNULUI ISUS a adus bucurie în vieţile multor oameni, a adus speranţă în lume împlinind în acelaşi timp profeţiile.
Dumnezeu sa va daruiasca binecuvîntare, traind bucuria partasiei cu Cel Întrupat , bucuria dedicarii si predarii depline în închinare si bucuria biruintei prin proclamarea Adevarului !

sâmbătă, 1 decembrie 2007

Festival of Hope

Today, at the "Harul" church was a meeting with the youth from the villages of Danube banks. The subject was the "Festival of Hope", with Franklin Graham. The festival will be hold in Timisoara, at "Dan Paltinisanu" Stadium.
For more information, visit the pages below:


We are called to pray for this big event!
Pray until something happens!

In front of the Church - Biserica Baptista Harul

Cami, me, Amy and Daniel

Lidia, thanks for the photo! :*

Going to the church

The church


After the meeting at church we spent few hours near Danube. We had a great time!

Walking near our Dunube ..:)

Me and Amy!

Lidia and me

We enjoyed a lot this day...

On Danube

1 december :)

Again us..



Daniel - my brother :*


Amy, you are great, girl! ;):*


Wooow!! :*

Lidia and Amy

Me, Daniel and Lidia

Amy made the photo ;)) Thanks, Amy! :*

Daniel and I


Nice place