luni, 14 iunie 2010

Two wonderful weeks with Neale's family

We had here a visit from our friends from Swaffham, England. I didnt know them and as usual, I didnt except to get to know them very well, cuz Im a shy person when it comes to foreign people. When Maria told me that she will not be able to come to church for translation and I will translate, I got so scared and didnt want this. Now Im very happy that Maria felt tired :D because this way I got in touch with our brothers and sisters from England.
I had a surprise to see that they are very special and different from many others, in the good way speaking. We talked and laughed a lot and I got so attached of them and felt so sorry that they left on Saturday. I cried! a lot! :( I felt like a part of my family just left.
I could not be with them two weeks but in the few days I could, we made some trips to the two schools where I teach. We had fun, we played ping pong :D and attend to the ceremony where the students take their diplomas. Im thankful to the principle of Coronini School, Mirela Calescu, for beeing nice with us and letting us participate. :)
Thank you, Neale fam., for beeing here and for your friendship! We love you and we pray for you!
Aaaaand Im waiting your next visit here! :) (pls, forgive my english grammar)