sâmbătă, 12 decembrie 2009

Through Gates of Splendor (Prin portile splendorii)

It's saturday and I have lot of free time... school its over, at least for 3 weeks so I have lot of time to spend doing things I could not do these months cuz of the school schedule... or should I say I didnt do many things cuz of me not knowing how to organise my time...
But what to do in 3 weeks?? Ok, I can get some rest because these months and the summer time made me so so tired because of the exams I had to take. Thanks God, all ended just fine!
But after all, I decided to read a book that got my atention just now, wathcing on TV. I must say I dont have a TV in my room, because of many reasons like I dont have time for this and I dont like spending much time in front of this thing!( Im not against TV) But going to several channels I stopped at a christian channel and sow a little film about a person and that is Kim Jones, a girl that died very young, in the University years. She was shot to death in a church. In that day, many young people died... Kim had a great impact on people's lifes and I always admired this kind of people that want to live for a purpose, doing somethings for the others and be used by our God. Besides all the things that have been told about her, I heard that Kim has read a book in one night, a book that made her say: "Now I know what I want to do in my life!" Kim was a special person, she loved God very much and has traveled in South Arabia and there she talked about God and the bible with the youth from there. I dont admire her life cuz she was travelling in there, but because she was ready to do what God wanted and she was ready to answer when this oportunity to go in misionary comed.
The book she has read is called "Through Gates of Splendor", by Elisabeth Elliot. I will get this book, read it and share some thoughts with you. Why? Because I also wish to do something great and big and I want to be prepared for this. Something great and big doesnt mean going in Middle East, but beeing usefull in the place I live. Something big and great in our days means even to... talk nice with someone without make fun or talk ironically.