miercuri, 22 octombrie 2008

Its so good to be really happy :)

I am happy because someone cares for me, loves me, always understands me... and never disappointed me. Happy because Someone knows my thoughts...my heart.... my dreams.... my wishes... all my plans before I even start talking... and the most important, happy because those plans will came true in the day that He will decide its best.
With Him nothing its not impossible! He makes everything possible for me and wants me to realise great things in life and has a special plan with me.
Happy, because by He's Words I am so encouraged to go on. He made me in a wonderful way and He gaved me the chance to live and made my life beautiful :) Happy, because I have the honour to know Him and to be with Him forever.
He's heart is touched whenever I suffer and He is always interested for my best!
Happy, because this Person is God, MY Father, Almighty!