marți, 4 august 2009

God, if You Sammy Copriva

Song by Decean - Doamne daca vrei  - played by Sammy!

This is one of my favoritte songs, I like the words, that say stg like this: I stay and wait for something to happend, something to change my life today...  God, if You want, You can change today my life... 

Enjoy! :) 

(if u wanna listen this on my blog, just turn off or pause the music from my playlist :D:D )

Trei,doi,unu Ridica-ma (by vincesammity)

Songs played by Sammy, a friend of mine, one of the most intelligent ones ;)) Intelligent people think big thoughts and also appreciate the small pleasures of life.

Sammy's youtube address->

I have Sammy's approval  :D:D)