duminică, 30 noiembrie 2008

Some thoughts

The reason Im posting this kind of videos is because..... Well... I dont know to do many things... even smaller things like cooking... I am not good at this...
Before I get my coffee done, I boile the water 3 times, cuz the water boils till evaporates and once in a while I burn the coffee pot...
Sometimes I dont know when and how to talk, or I dont know to listen. I am shy when I should not be and very stubborn and bold when I should not be...
And the list can continue... but blogspot doesnt have the space :)...
But I am good at something... I have compassion for the others and I am willing to give my time, my money for the others... Its among the things that I want to do in life.... And among the list of dreams that I have its a foundation non-profit which will came in the help of people in need... The idea camed to me one day when I was at school and a friend of mine, also a professor, camed to me and told me about the situation of a boy, a pupil from our school. The boy needed money to pay the electricity... And we wanted to collect money from the others to help that boy..but no one wanted...so I was thinking if I would have that foundation this will not be a problem.
I know I spend money sometimes for things I dont need but I know I will be able to raise money for this cause.
So this its my reason... After all, I like at the end to feel I left something behind... something big :)...not just some kids and a husband... Im not against marriage but I think its sad to live just for this...
Anyway, I hope many of us will be conscious of the sad situation for the poor... and try to do something to help them.
The foudation will need a lot of things... legal things..and all :)...but I will do all I can for this purpose and the people who wana help are welcomed :)
Thanks for all who promised to help with this.
I think I wrote already too much so I will stop here for the moment!
Wishing you all a great day!

Invisible Children Need Our Help

joi, 13 noiembrie 2008





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